Natural diversity as the source of the ethnoliguistic plurality

Algerian Modal (1)

The first observation of the cultural diversity in Algeria is its constant cohesion with the relief and climate as natural factors that have a significant influence on the composition of social and cultural identities of Algerian society.

This fact led us to suppose that the traditions and myths of people came from those natural factors (J.Diamond). Consequently, the link between humanities and natural sciences will be an epistemological necessity, (CB Snow: the two cultures).

Algeria contains diverse areas such as: coasts, highlands, mountains, valleys, drives, oasis, and deserts; those geographic relief and environment occupy the significant place in the cultural specificities of Algerian society.

After this, it will be permitted to think on the on the Ethnolinguistic diversity and explain it as a result of natural diversity, such research affirm that cultural-language identities depend on the environmental factors, in other words, some researchers confirm that the genetic fact and the memetic fact are decisively the main internal factors of social specificities and social diversity (D. Buss, M. Tomasello and T. Deacon).

Finally, there is a reciprocal influence between the external (such environment) and external (such Genetics and Memetics) factors that combine between natural history and social history of any country in the vast world societies, and we can apply it universally because it is causal, not arbitrary understanding of diversity.


(1)- This paper has been presented in 25th Jablonski’s confrence at faculity of filology, vilnuis university september 2018

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